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It is no secret that everyone loves a good movie, but what if you could be IN one with your friends?

While CGI technology has come a long way, there is no replacement for real scenery.

On the flipside, this means that you can visit these locations with your friends on your next group trip! You will feel as if you’re roaming the streets of Canto Bight, standing in front of the Overlook Hotel or strolling past Carrie Bradshaw’s apartment! How cool is that?



Overlook Hotel in “The Shining”

– Timberline Lodge, Oregon


The infamous Overlook Hotel from “The Shining” is actually called the Timberline Lodge and is located in Mount Hood National Forest in the state of Oregon.

If you’re looking for a spooky location, this is definitely the place to go. The Timberline Lodge was built between 1936 and 1937, and the employees of the hotel have reported that the first aid room is haunted by the ghosts of climbers and skiers of Mount Hood that never made it down. Scary stuff! For even more of a horror feel, you can request to see the “older section” of the hotel, which is reportedly very haunted.

Do your friends believe in ghosts? This might be the perfect place to find out!




Monastery in “The Hangover II”

– Muang Boran, Thailand


Remember the monastery from “The Hangover II”? It is a museum in reality, where you can find scaled replicas of numerous ancient ruins from all over Thailand. If museums aren’t your thing, you should still visit it for the beautiful architecture and the natural beauty around it.



Yavin 4 from “Star Wars Episode IV”

– Tikal, Guatemala


Yanvin IV may be one of the many moons in “Star Wars Episode IV”, but in real life it is located in the beautiful Tikal, Guatemala.

Hidden in the Guatemalan rainforest, this monument is an ancient Mayan citadel which dates back to the 1st century A.D.. This movie location is definitely worth the trip!



The “Ghostbusters” Firehouse

– Tribeca, NYC





Who you gonna call? Ghostbusters!
This is probably the most iconic fire station in history, and that’s because it was a crucial location in the movie Ghostbusters. It even has a painted Ghostbusters symbol on the outside. What better reason to plan a full trip to New York with your friends?



Dr. Xavier’s school for gifted youngsters in “X-Men”

– Casa Loma, Toronto


Dr. Xavier’s school for gifted youngsters is actually Casa Loma, which is located in midtown Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

It is a museum and a landmark built in the Gothic Revival style and has also served as the cinematic backdrop for Strange Brew, Chicago, The Tuxedo, Scott Pilgrim vs. the World, Warehouse 13, Descendants, Twitches Too, and The Pacifier.




‘The Seine’ in “Les Misérables”

– Avon Weir, Bath, UK


This is some true movie trickery: ‘The Seine’ in “Les Misérables” is not actually the Seine and not even located in France. Instead, it is located in the beautiful Bath, UK. Perfect for a city getaway with your friends and pretending you’re in Les Mis if you’re into that kinda thing.



Nakatomi Plaza from “Die Hard”

– Fox Plaza, LA


The Nakatomi Plaza from the iconic movie “Die Hard” is actually the Fox Plaza, located in Los Angeles. The building has been featured in several major motion picture releases by Fox as well as television. These include Airheads, Fight Club, No Man’s Land, X-Files, Brooklyn Nine-Nine and  Lethal Weapon 2. It has also made appearances in several video games. If you and your friends are into action movies or video games including Grand Theft Auto V then this film location is a must-see on your next group trip!



Hogwarts from “Harry Potter”

– Christ Church College, Oxford



Harry Potter fans can now visit the sets of the films, but one of the filming locations is a real-life college in Oxford. Christ Church was first established by Henry the VIII and later was turned into a college in 1546. Can you imagine how many students have roamed its halls since its opening year?

If your friends are big fans of the movie franchise, plan a weekend getaway and see it for yourself!



Amélie’s Café from “Amélie”

– Café des 2 Moulins, Paris


You can visit Amélie Poulain’s workplace in Montmartre, Paris in real life. Café des deux Moulins has a cosy bar area and has several other movie locations nearby including the convenience store of Collignon. If you want to dive into the surreal world of Amélie, go visit this cafe on your next trip to Paris!



Canto Bight in Star Wars Episode VIII: The Last Jedi

– Dubrovnik, Croatia


In the films, Canto Bight was a coastal city on the desert planet Cantonica. It is filled with rich people, casinos and unethical racetracks.

In real life however, it is located in the beautiful tourism destination Croatia! The location was also used for Game of ThronesKing’s Landing so it may be familiar to you already. Why not hit two birds with one stone and visit your favourite movie location together with a fun group trip?



Which of these locations are you dying to visit with your friends? Let us know in the Facebook comments!
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