Ah, Berlin. (Probably) the coolest capital in Europe. Thirty years after being a politically divided city, it has evolved into the capital for creativity, experimental style and being a free-spirit.

While being the center of European power in recent years, it remains Europe’s third most visited city – attracting artists, startups and free-thinkers with its live-and-let-live attitude.

The city has attracted over 12.7 million visitors last year which is more than 3.5 times its population! Where else would you want to plan a fun group holiday to?

Still not convinced? Here are 5 reasons to plan your next group holiday in Berlin.

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1. Party until the sun comes up – and carry on


Berlin is the place to be for partying with your friends. With the most infamous club in Berlin being Berghain (which is open for 24 hours every Sunday), there are plenty of underground bars and clubs to choose from. From hipster places with the best craft beer to  cool experimental scenes, there is one to suit everyone’s taste for sure.



2. Accommodation is spacious, quirky and cheap

Staying in Berlin is very cheap compared to other capitals like London, especially when renting entire flats for yourself and your friends. Plus you can find quirky and fun spaces to stay which are better than any hotel!



3. They have an island in the middle of the city!


Beat your hangover with some culture. Berlin’s Museum Island has several museums covering different kinds of art and culture, or you can stroll around the independent artists’ market to bring home some unique souvenirs.



4. The parks are insane

With 2500 (!!) parks in Berlin, it can be hard to choose. We recommend bringing your friends along for some German beers to Mauerpark in the Summer, where Karaoke competitions are held for a good laugh.



5. The food


You simply cannot leave Berlin without having some curry wurst and a Döner. They taste best when eaten after a night out in Berlin’s famous bars. There are even vegan options available now!

Have we convinced you yet?


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