If you live in Europe, you should take advantage of your location to take in all of the different cultures, climates and food that this beautiful continent has to offer. If you don’t live in Europe and are coming from a far away country, take advantage of the cheap flights within it and see a couple of countries at once if you can. You definitely won’t regret it!

If you still need a little persuading as to why you should take a Europe trip, here are five reasons why you should travel around Europe more.


1. Short distances

In Europe, you can easily jump from one country into the next as countries are not very big compared to American, Asian or African countries. From the UK, you can drive all the way to France and even through Belgium, Luxembourg and Germany in the same day. Alternatively you can take the train as all countries are really well connected, especially in central Europe.

Just make sure you are aware of road fees – looking at you, France – and that you always carry a valid ticket if travelling via train to another country.



2. Open borders

There are no borders between the countries that belong to the Schengen Agreement – an agreement between many European countries where borders have been largely abolished. This means free circulation and total travel freedom!

Got a week to spare? You can see several European countries in that time without ever having to show your passport. It is always good to carry it though, just in case you get checked on the road. These checks are more routine than anything else and nothing to worry about – unless you were driving too fast of course!



3. The culture

Of course all continents have a lot of different cultures, but Europe has many very old countries with a rich history worth exploring. Even with the distances being small, you can experience many different foods, music, dances and traditions in each region.

From a visit to the Louvre,  the ancient ruins in Rome or a Fado night in Lisbon, there is always something new to do and to learn.


4. The food

The list of amazing foods that you can try in Europe is endless! The pizza in Italy is always worth a mention, but don’t forget about the French wine and cheese, Portuguese seafood, Polish pierogi… ok now we are getting hungry.

If vegetarian/vegan food is your thing, Berlin and Barcelona should definitely be on your list of places to go as they are self-declared veggie friendly!



5. The sights

Of course we couldn’t end this list without mentioning Europe’s sights, as they are nothing short of breathtaking! There are so many places to discover that you definitely will not get bored, and seeing them in person beats seeing them on a postcard or on television.

From the amazing beaches to the snowy Alps, there is definitely something to suit each and every single person in your travel group.

While you’re travelling, make sure to create an interactive travel map of where you’ve been!



So there you have it, five reasons to travel around Europe. Do you have any more? Let us know in the Facebook comments!


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