While sitting in the breakfast room at your hotel sipping on your coffee and orange juice, you can’t help but look around at the other travellers. Are they like you? Why did they choose this location and hotel? What are they up to for the day?

Most of us have grown accustomed to seeing a few traveller types pop up every so often, so we have decided to name them here. You’ll most likely encounter at least two of these in your group of friends alone.

Which one are you, and which one is your travel buddy? Let us know in the comments!



The ‘local culture’ connoisseur


This person travels all over the world just to explore it in depth. They know about all of the local must-see spots and they are prepared!
They carry around maps, have every single travel app out there and will tell you about the history of each building as you stand in front of it. They know how to travel and only carry a small suitcase with all the essentials.

Pick this traveller as your travel buddy and you’ll have a free tour guide as well as travel organisation tips!



The sporty guy


He wears nothing but athletic wear and will already be sweating from his morning gym session while everyone else just woke up.

He comes prepared with protein shakes and snacks and will give you fitness advice if you ask, along with a long story about how the gym changed his life. If you do ask for advice, however, get ready for a long talk! During the day, he’ll be hiking, running, surfing, or partaking in any activity that remotely qualifies as fitness.

Take this friend with you if you’re looking to try all the sporty activities your destination has to offer.



The super fit lady


She, just like the sporty guy, will be exercising first thing in the morning. Whether it’s a gym session or a yoga class, she’s there before you can even say ‘good morning’.

She loves discovering all of the local fruit and orders all of the trendiest health foods everything and can always be seen with a juice or smoothie in her hand. She may be fit but she’s a true foodie and will take you to discover all of the local delicacies, even better if they’re healthy! She’s ‘fitness goals’ and reminds you that you, too, should be exercising when the holiday is over.

Take this friend on your trip if you are looking to stay in shape while you’re away.



The newlyweds


They are in love, and they will make sure that everyone around them knows it! This is their first trip as a married couple and the whole trip has to be filled with storybook romance.

They’ll be the ones sharing all the foods at the restaurants, taking on any activity that has ‘couple’ in the name and will just be adorable all the time.

You most likely won’t be travelling with these friends, but if you do, make sure to bring a partner to avoid feeling like the third wheel.



The late riser


This traveller does exactly what you feel like doing when you dream of your day off. They arrive 5 minutes before the breakfast buffet closes and want nothing to do with the hotel gym. They are the first in line for cocktails and late events, and therefore hungover in the morning.

Where will you find this traveller? Relaxing on the beach while trying to cure their hangover, while holding their 10th coffee of the day.



Let us know in the Facebook comments if you know someone who fits into one of these groups. And don’t forget to check out the Leeeta app!

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