If you love to travel – which we’re sure you do seeing as you are reading this blog –  you know that finding cheap flights is not always the easiest task.

Flying used to be reserved for the elite back in the day, but prices have dropped significantly over the years and flying is often the cheapest mode of transportation possible nowadays.

Learning how to find the cheapest flights from anywhere will help you travel more often while saving more money. What more could you ask for?

Here are some simple tips that we’ve gathered from travel enthusiasts around the world.

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1. Start searching before everyone else

Most airlines release tickets around 11 months in advance. Once you are sure where you’d like to go, start searching and keep checking once per week until you find a price that suits you. Flight prices change a lot depending on supply and demand, so try not to search several times per day or they will rise. Alternatively, you can be flexible with the location and search for the best prices in all locations.


2. Time your purchase

So you might be wondering when the best time to purchase your tickets is. There is no straight answer to this question, but it is advisable to follow general trends.
Peak season will always be more expensive than off-peak, so avoid school holidays and weekends at all costs unless absolutely necessary.
In this study, 560 million flight searches were analysed and they found out that three to seven weeks in advance was the optimal time for domestic flights. The worst time? within 14 days of flying or too far in advance such as 5 months.
For international flights the sweet spot is between 11 and 12 weeks before flying. They also found that there was no difference in terms of which weekday you buy your tickets.


3. Be flexible

We know that sometimes you have to fly on specific dates, but if you can try to be flexible and look at months at a time to see when you can get the best deals whenever possible.


4. Which day to fly?

Which day you fly on might be relevant if you are looking to get the best possible deal.
Through trial and error, it has been found that  for domestic flights, it is best to depart on Saturdays and return on Mondays. For international flights however, departing on a Tuesday and returning on a Wednesday is best.
As we’ve mentioned before however, it doesn’t matter on which day you purchase your ticket, just on which day your flights happen.



5. Timing is everything

Look at multiple times in the day to fly, not just one. This especially applies if your travel dates are locked and you are not flexible as mentioned in point 3. It might be worth getting up really early to catch that flight everyone else is avoiding to save some cash.



6. Payment methods

Keep fees in mind when choosing your payment method. Some airlines charge hefty extra fees when paying with a credit card, so make sure to check this out before you pay.



7. Alternate airports

Make sure to check all accessible airports in your departure and arrival locations as well as the combinations between them. The more options you have in terms of airports and travel dates, the more likely you are to strike a travel deal. Also consider multi-city flights as an option if you can.


When choosing an alternate airport it is important to note that it should always still be accessible to you, so check the location in Google Maps prior to booking. You might be saving money on the flight, but a £100 taxi ride could not be worth the extra time and effort.



8. Multiple location search

Booking a flight can be tricky with the price fluctuations due to supply and demand. But did you know that the location in which your IP address is while you are searching can make a difference in price? Ask your friends or family who live in different countries to check the prices for you and you might save some serious cash!



9. Fly where the deals are

Check for travel deals rather than for a fixed location, and you might even discover a beautiful new destination that you would have never even thought of. Just make sure that you can afford the accommodation and food in the destination prior to booking to avoid going over your budget.



10. Use different airlines

Sometimes round-trip tickets are cheaper, but sometimes they are really not. Consider trying both options out and if all else fails, try using different airlines and book the return flight through whichever airline is cheaper.


Just watch out for booking fees as you may have to pay those twice if you choose using two different companies.



11. Join a frequent flyer program

These are usually free to join and you can just leave them running in the background until your travels pay off in miles. You’ll also get added benefits such as premium seats and comfortable waiting areas. Consider your most frequent flying locations, especially long-haul flights when deciding which company to sign up with.



12. Look out for discounts

Sign up for price alert emails and look for student, work or age-related deals regularly, they may come in handy when you catch the travel bug!



13. Say no to cookies

And we don’t mean the chocolate chip kind, never say no to those! But do delete your cookies and website data from your browser regularly, because they can increase the price if you are searching a lot. Alternatively, you can use incognito mode in your browser or use your phone data to search. This is because as we’ve mentioned before, airline pricing changes with supply and demand.



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