Here at Leeeta we are big on travel planning to make the most of your trip! The better your plan your travels, the more worry free and fun your trip will be.


But did you know that you can now make an interactive travel map to share with your friends with a tool that you already use anyway? Yes, with Google Maps you can trace your trip and even add photos to each location. How cool is that?


Another way you can use this cool feature is to track where you go if you are road tripping spontaneously, and add your travel photos and memories to remember all of the places you visited. You can even share it with your friends and family so that they stay up to date with all of your travel adventures.


There are multiple ways to track or plan your journey trajectory and to complement your Leeeta App. As you probably already own a Google account this way is the fastest and easiest way to find and map your trip locations.


How to:

On a desktop computer, login to your Google account, then head to maps.google.com. In the top left corner on the search bar, click on the menu and select the “Your places” option.



In “Your places”, select “MAPS” and at the bottom of the page click “+ Create map”.



When you select this option, it opens up the Maps Engine map creator, which is the tool that allows you to  map your trip. Alternatively just click on this link and click on “+ create a new map” in the top left corner.


Name your map and add a description.


This is when you can start creating your route manually by searching for locations using the search box and entering your location names. Click on the small “+” sign next to the name and the will be added to your trip. You can even change the colour of your pins, enter a name or notes for each pin if you wish.


Within each pin, you can upload a photo or video or even link one from Youtube so that you can keep all of your goals or memories in one place.


To connect the pins and draw an itinerary, select the “Draw a line” option beneath the search bar, and draw away. Here you can draw a straight line or select driving, walking or biking routes.



Google Maps Engine also offers layer options, distance measurements and directions as additional tools. As you can see above, we have created a layer for each day that we are in Lisbon and have changed the colours for each day so that everything is very easy to find.

You can easily share your map by clicking on the “Share” button on the left side. This section even offers different privacy sharing options.


This is how your map will look once shared:



This feature is pretty cool isn’t it? Let us know how you would use this Google Maps trick on Facebook.

And don’t forget to check out the Leeeta App!

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