Travelling to a country where you don’t speak the language can be incredibly intimidating. In fact, it may even deter some people from travelling to certain countries altogether. The truth is it can be a scary experience!


What if you get in trouble and you can’t explain what happened in the local language? What if you have food restrictions and can’t explain yourself properly while at a restaurant? What if you simply enjoy meeting with the locals but don’t know how to talk to them? These questions should never stop you from ticking that dream location off your travel bucket list, and we are going to show you how to deal with them in the best ways possible.


Nowadays – and thanks to modern technology – there are so many ways to help you learn the basics of a new language in no time. These methods go beyond a traditional dictionary or language class. Are you ready to conquer any foreign language and visit your dream locations without getting lost in translation? Leeeta is here to give you all the details on how to have your best trip yet!



Before you travel


Start by making a list of the specific things you want to know how to say. For example “Where is the nearest restaurant?” or “I’m allergic to peanuts.”. If there is nothing specific you absolutely feel like you need to learn, try starting out with a language app for beginners.


Here are some popular programs and apps you can try, and most are free and only take about 10 minutes of your day. You’ll have the basics down in no time!


If you know the basics of a language but aren’t confident speaking it, why not try to chat with native speakers in your hometown? There are plenty of Facebook groups dedicated to language sharing, particularly if you live in a big city. Test out and expand your language skills while making new friends! And who knows, they may even have travel recommendations for your trip.


Practice every day, and it will become easier and easier. Can you imagine how many phrases and different word combinations you can learn in 2 months if you focus on just learning one every single day?


Learning a new language may seem like a boring task at first, but once you arrive you will be thankful that you have expanded your vocabulary. It can also be quite a fun and enriching experience! How cool would it be if you could add another language to your CV?




While you travel


So you are already on your trip but you still struggle to speak the language? Don’t worry. Thanks to modern technology, you won’t get stuck not knowing what to say.

There are plenty of real time translation apps you can keep on your phone which will help you out in times of uncertainty. We recommend the following:


  • Google Translate – This works great for when you need to translate written text on the go.
  • iTranslate Voice – This app features voice-to-voice translation! Speak to the app and it will translate your sentence for you and say it in one of 42 languages.
  • TripLingo – This app focuses on cultural differences while translating. A very helpful feature to have!
  • Papago – This app is great for when you are travelling to a place where you can’t read the alphabet, for instance in Japan. It uses your phone’s camera to translate text for you, your phone’s microphone to translate audio, and can even translate from photos. A true life-saver!



We hope that this article has given you more confidence on your travels abroad. The most important advice we can give you is to never be ashamed of trying to speak a new language, even if you are not very good at it yet. Being able to speak any additional language is an amazing skill to have and even if you say things wrong, locals will always appreciate your effort. This is how you can make the best experience and meet the best local people, so don’t be afraid!



How many languages do you speak? Let us know in the Facebook comments.

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