If you are reading this, you are most likely in charge of planning a hen do aka. a bachelorette party. We know that this can be a very stressful situation, especially because you don’t want to disappoint the person who trusted you and because you want everyone to have a great time.

Luckily, we have compiled a plan for you to follow which will make your life so much easier.


Step 1: Don’t worry

Stressing about the situation is not going to make you plan any better, so relax. If your best friend trusts you to plan her bachelorette party, it is because you are right for the job. So take a breather and let’s move onto the actual planning.

Make sure to download the Leeeta app so that you can have your own personal planning assistant through this process, where you can invite people, ask group questions, pick destinations and hotels and chat.



Step 2: Communicate

This will be a trip that the bride will remember forever, so make sure to ask her what she had envisioned for her hen do so that you have a starting point. You’ll want to keep the actual event a surprise so don’t reveal too much, but it’s always a good idea to give her a tiny glimpse of what she’s in for.


Here are some questions you can ask her:

  • Do you want to go abroad or stay in the country? Some brides prefer a hot sunny destination, while others might prefer to stay in the country. This doesn’t mean that travelling is out of the question for you. Just make sure that this one is clear without spoiling the surprise.
  • What is our budget? The hens will need input on this one too, but the bride can give you a rough idea to begin with.
  • Is there anything that is definitely out of the question? Be sure to ask her if she has any phobias or definite no nos. You don’t want to plan a skydiving adventure if the bride is afraid of heights.
  • What is your dream destination? Maybe the bride already knows exactly where she would like to spend her hen do. Maybe she has a dream destination but thinks that it’s out of the budget. Regardless it is always good to ask and to try to accommodate this as well as possible.
  • How long do you want to go away for? This one will tie in with the budget. Activities and cost per day will depend on how long the bride wants to or can go away for.
  • What is the most important thing for you?  Maybe she says it’s the location or the hotel, or maybe she names particular people that should be invited. Either way take note.



Step 3: Create an invite list

By writing down all the people you’d like to invite to the hen do, you get an idea of the scale of the event even if it’s not your final number. Make sure to sit down and discuss the list with the bride to make sure no one gets forgotten. You can easily invite everyone via their phone numbers on the Leeeta app.


Step 4: Set possible dates

Put your possible dates into the Leeeta app and let your friends agree or disagree so that you can easily find dates that suit everyone. Start by inputting the dates that the bride is available for and then let the hens decide.



Step 5: Decide on a location and find accommodation

In the Leeeta app, you can pick a few destinations and let your hens vote, or you can set one destination only that your friends can see and agree with. From there, you can start searching for accommodation and input that data too.



Step 6: Decide on transportation

Once you have picked your destination and dates you can start looking at flights to get everyone to the location on the same date. Don’t forget to input this into the app too!



Step 7: Chat!

Use the chat function in the Leeeta app to make sure no details are missed out and everyone is up to date with any changes.





Step 8: Start planning activities

This is where the fun part starts. Consider the guest list and the budget and start planning all the fun activities you’ll be able to do.



Step 9: Final details

Once everyone has had their input via the Leeeta app, the details will be finalised. Make sure to confirm with everyone that they are ok with the dates, times, locations and budget that was chosen.



Step 10: Book

Now that everyone is happy with all the decisions, collect the money and assign responsibilities within the app’s flip functionality. If you are in charge of booking everything, you can keep track of who owes you money and who has already paid.

Make sure to look at group booking deals when completing this step.



Step 11: Take a break

If you have successfully completed all the above, take a step back and relax because that was a lot of work! Go you! You can now let the Leeeta app do its thing.



Step 12: Consider the details

Now that the party date is coming closer, start thinking about hen party games, hen party accessories, the party’s outfits and party favours. Basically anything that will add a personalised touch to the whole event and make the bride extra happy.



Step 13: Reminders

One week before it’s go time, send all the details to the hens again. You can easily do this in the Leeeta chat. This way no one has any excuses when it comes to last-minute changes. Also make sure that everyone has your contact details and any emergency contacts for the trip.



Step 14: Check in with the bride

Make sure your friend fully trusts you and knows that her party is in good hands. She is most likely stressed out with wedding planning and you being there for her through it all will make the hen do as well as the wedding even more special.



Step 15 – Have Fun!

We know that this was a lot of work to go through on your own, but it will be worth it in the end. Enjoy the party whatever the location and make it a trip you will never forget! Relax, have fun, have a drink – or five – and enjoy your stay.


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