Discovering new locations with your friends can be the most fun you’ll ever have, with memories and jokes that will last for years to come. You will create stronger bonds with your friends, laugh, discover and party until the sun comes up! However, things can also go terribly wrong if you don’t organise the trip properly ahead of time. This is why we’ve compiled a list of tips to make sure your group holiday goes as smoothly as possible.


Appoint a leader

Have one person in the group take charge and make the decisions. People can vote on locations, times and activities while the leader takes charge of bookings and organising to avoid double booking and messy situations. Every friend group has that one person who is amazing at planning things. Play on their strengths and let them lead the way!


Decide on a budget upfront

When it comes to the budget, decide as a group and then stick to it as much as possible. Make sure everyone agrees with it upfront in order to avoid disappointment later. Make a google doc with expenses and share it throughout the group so that people can keep track and it won’t get lost in the chat. Check out our guide on how to save money when travelling as a group.


Travel comes first

Always book your travel first as prices tend to fluctuate a lot, especially when booking for several people at once. After that, you can book your accommodation and your chosen activities.


Plan activities

Pre-plan your main activities to structure your trip. Do not over plan and give people room to explore the location in their own time, but make sure you book your must-sees ahead of time to avoid disappointment. Keep an eye out for group discounts, as these can really help you stick to your budget!


Split up

Make sure to allow time and space for your friends to be alone. Just because it is a group trip that doesn’t mean the group has to be together at all times. This way, you’ll enjoy your time together more and you won’t get sick of each other by the time you go home.


Leeeta it!
Leeeta has all of your necessary travel organisation tools in one place as well as a group chat. Give it a go and your planning will (almost) take care of itself!


And most importantly: have fun. With the right people, you will enjoy your trip whatever the destination!

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