We all have them: travel goals.

We want to visit the most amazing places while crossing more and more breathtaking locations off our travel bucket list. Whether it is lying on a beach in Fiji, skiing in the Andes, meditating in Japan or trying all the fruit that Thailand’s markets have to offer; you dream of visiting them at some point when all the right stars align for you. You will have enough money to spare, you won’t have any pending responsibilities, and the kids will be old enough to take care of themselves.

Do you see where we’re going with this? If you (over)think hard enough you will always find a reason not to take that trip. There will never be a perfect moment to leave for a few weeks, but when you do it is always worth it.

Travelling is an amazing thing. It allows you to see the world from a different perspective as you experience new cultures, customs, music, art and foods. It changes you in the best way possible, so you should not miss out on travelling as much as you can!

Luckily Leeeta always has your back. We have compiled a list of tips to help make your travel dreams come true, even when life gets in the way.





Find what’s holding you back

Why do you keep putting off that life changing trip you’ve wanted to go on for years?
Is it money? If this is the case, then find out how much the trip would cost and start saving for it. This can even be an exciting challenge. You can travel on a low budget these days too, so you don’t always need bug bucks in order to make it happen.

Is time your issue? Everyone has this struggle. If you are determined to make your trip happen though you will find a way. Save up on your holiday days and take them all at once for your big adventure. Plan ahead and everything is possible, and swapping things around and prioritising your goals is key. Dreaming of taking a year-long trip? Define when you would like this to happen and how much money you need to save up for it – and make it happen.

Got kids? Travelling is an amazing thing to do with kids! They become much more educated and well-rounded adults later in life through it. Plan ahead and make your trip a beautiful bonding experience for you and your little ones. Make sure to book your trip way ahead of time so that you can get a good deal during the school holidays.





Define your journey – and your destination

Finding out what your dream destination is is key before figuring out how to get there. Narrow your options down by determining what your budget is, which continent you’d like to visit, then determine the country and the city (or cities).


Here are some helpful Leeeta articles to help you determine where you should be travelling to:


Searching for holidays can be a fun experience in itself! Here’s how  you can plan your trip using Instagram as your inspiration.





Get real!

Now that you have set your priorities straight and know where you’re going and how to get there you need to commit. Make small changes to your life that will add up big time. Don’t buy a coffee on your way to work every morning. Make your own instead and you could be saving £75 a month! Search for good flight deals regularly and plan ahead. Determine that the only way you are really going to make this happen is if you commit to it 100 %. You can do it!



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