Group holidays are so much fun and make for the best stories to tell years later! However, proper organisation is key to making your next trip a successful one, especially when it comes to budgeting.  Here at Leeeta, we’ve combined a few tips to help you know what to look out for.





1. Pick your destination wisely

While a group trip to Ibiza in August might sound like a good idea, be smart about seasonal travel trends and find the location that suits your budget at your chosen time of travel. It is usually cheaper to travel after school holidays or peak times so do that if it is an option for you. You might even discover a nicer destination that you did not know about in the process!


2. Accommodation

If you are a large group it is generally cheaper to rent an entire apartment or house for you and your friends to stay at together. As a bonus, you’ll be able to host parties and dinners at your house. Look for local group accommodation rather than individual rooms and save some serious cash!


3. Food and drink

If you are renting somewhere with a kitchen or even just a fridge, take advantage of the local supermarkets and markets to buy some fresh food and prepare it at your accommodation. This way you will save so much money which you can spend on local attractions, experiences and some nice local wine!


4. Eating out

Whatever you do, do not eat at a restaurant if it is filled with tourists. This is a sure way of getting charged way too much for mediocre food. Instead, ask the locals for recommendations and enjoy the best food you’ve ever had with your friends!


5. Tour with the locals

Look for local attraction packages where you can visit several places in one go and compare prices in advance. Even better, make friends with the locals and ask for recommendations. This way you will get an authentic idea of the country you’re visiting and its culture, plus you will discover hidden gems that most tourists would have never even heard of!


6. Choose Leeeta!
With our multi-purpose app you can chat with your friends, look for tips and tricks and find the best deals for your group vacation. Join us for an adventure you’ll never forget!

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