We all know the saying: travel is the only thing money can buy which makes you richer. And while travelling the world isn’t free, it can be very cheap if you know the right tips and tricks. Sometimes, these little tricks can even make you discover new things you wouldn’t have discovered if you travelled in a more costly manner.

Don’t believe us? Try these budget travel tips out yourself and let us know how it worked in the Facebook comments!


Consider a house

Renting individual rooms when you are multiple people travelling can be pricey. Why not consider renting a house to share instead? As a bonus you get more amenities including a kitchen to keep your local groceries or maybe even a private pool!


Travel in a group

Travelling in groups is not only fun and makes for a lifetime of good stories, but it can also make a big difference in your travel costs. Think about it: when it comes to paying bills they are split between the group. Additionally, check for group travel passes on public transportation, museum and attraction tickets as well as discount deals for booking multiple rooms or cars.



Walk everywhere

By walking everywhere you get exercise, discover hidden places that you would not see from the inside of a car and you can save tons of money! What’s not to love?


Travel at night

By travelling overnight you can save one night’s worth of a hotel stay. Sleep on the plane and start your holiday as soon as you arrive!



Get in touch with your friends

Consider travelling to locations where your friends live. This way you’ll get to reconnect, have a free local tour guide and maybe even a place to sleep! Don’t forget to show your appreciation by bringing them a gift from your departure country though as this goes a long way.



Go grocery shopping

If you are staying somewhere with a fridge – or even a mini fridge – go grocery shopping! You can save a lot of money on food this way, plus you get to taste some local delicacies at a fraction of the cost or even take them back to your home country. Don’t pay for overpriced hotel breakfasts, make your own and spend that money on experiences instead.



Travel light

So your flight was cheap, that’s great! But beware of all the additional fees as they quickly add up and make your trip more expensive than it has to be. Why not travel light and save time and stress at the airport?



Leeeta it!

The Leeeta app allows you to thoroughly plan every aspect of your trip so that no financial decisions are left to the last minute and your entire group is in agreement. You can also keep referring to the app and make changes as you go along – for instance when you want to go solo for the day – this way you will be sticking to your budget from the start, with no bank account surprises. Get the app here! 



What is your number one money saving tip when travelling? Let us know in the Facebook comments!

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