Japan is definitely not the first country you think about when beach holidays are mentioned, but it should be! Although many neighbouring countries are beautiful and much cheaper, Japan should not stay off your beach travel list. Japan has incredible wild beaches with a unique natural beauty. These are often even empty as people refuse to swim unless lifeguards are present. Can you imagine having one of these beaches all to yourself?

Here are the most unbelievably beautiful beaches in Japan.


Taketomi Island

Toketomi-jima is absolutely tiny, coming in at only three square miles. But its size only adds to the adorability. It’s as if the beauty of this island has been boiled and reduced down into a pure picturesque pellet that’s so sweet to the taste it makes you squirm a little. Honestly, it’s gorgeous. Not only does it offer impossibly white sands a clear turquoise water but is also a treasure trove for history buffs. The village is like a snapshot of traditional Ryūkyū culture – helped by the fact that residents have decided to outright ban certain signs of modernism from the island.

In the summer months the island can get a bit overcrowded with Japanese tourists, but most melt away in the evening. You can join the day-trippers with a Taketomi Island Tour or spend the night in a Taketomi Island hotel and experience the full glory of the stars at night – something many of us miss from our electrified urban dwellings.



Miyako Island



Miyako Island has beautiful beaches with amazing panoramic views. In addition to the natural beauty, you can practice many water-based sports here, including snorkelling with sea turtles and paddle boarding. End your Miyako Island holiday by heading to Japan’s southernmost hot spring on the island.



Kume Island



On the beautiful Kume Island, you can find an even more beautiful place – Hetnohama. An island within an island that is purely composed of the finest, whitest sand you have ever seen. The waters around the island are populated by colourful fish, which makes for a beautiful snorkelling adventure. You can also head to Uegusuku Castle if you are a history buff. Either way, you will love Kume Island!



Tokashiki Island


If you are into scuba diving or kayaking, buy your ticket to Tokashiki Island NOW. The island is surrounded by the most unique and exotic sea life, as well as rare coral reefs. On the island itself, there are beautiful panoramic views and nature to explore. Enjoy many of the designated hiking trails and and savour the local seafood specialties when the day is over. At Tokashiki Island, you are guaranteed to have a relaxing holiday.


Hateruma Island


Hateruma Island has something that many of us dream about: sunshine all-year-round! The sand is so white and fine, it’s unreal and the water is so clear that you can see all the exotic sea life that this place has to offer. On this island, there are no attractions, just peace, nature and quiet. Here you can truly float your worries away!


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