Prague has become Eastern Europe’s most popular city to visit in recent years, and it is clear why. With its beautiful architecture, art and rich culture it makes the perfect holiday destination. Are you ready for a group trip you’ll never forget? Here are seven reasons why you should visit Prague on your next group trip.


1. A little (cash) goes a long way


Prague is one of the most affordable capital cities in Europe, which means that you can get the most bang for your buck there! You can get a great holiday experience without spending as much as you would in comparison to England, Italy, France or Spain.



2. It is “the City of a Hundred Spires”


Prague’s skyline is simply magical. With buildings so detailed they’d make any architect cry, you should always be looking up when strolling around this gorgeous city. You can even visit their numerous bridges, some of which are have even been named the most beautiful in Europe! We recommend that you don’t leave Prague without seeing the infamous Charles Bridge.





3. Beautiful and historic sunsets


Why not catch a magical sunset over Prague castle? One of the many joys of visiting Prague is having dinner across the Vltava River while watching the sun set over the Prague Castle. Make it your goal to do this every evening while you’re there. Trust us, you won’t regret it!






4. The castle


Of course don’t just stand outside the castle, make sure to visit it and see it from the inside! Prague Castle is a true historic beauty. It is located on top of a hill overlooking the city and is surrounded by gardens, whimsical streets, and brick paved staircases. It is, in fact, a collection of palace rooms that were used by various royal families over generations with Saint Vitus Cathedral as the centrepiece. Make sure to watch the changing of the guards outside and finish off your castle visit by walking back into town via one of Prague’s ancient staircases. You will feel like royalty!





5. It has an Astronomical Clock that puts on a show every hour


Yes, you read that right! The Astronomical Clock is one of Prague’s most visited sights and is definitely worth a visit. Installed in 1410, it is the oldest operating clock of its kind in the world. It is located in Old Town Square and is decorated with gothic sculptures as well as additional wooden sculptures that were added over time. These all come to life once per hour. The “show” runs between 9 am and 9 pm. Pay attention to people’s reactions for a good laugh!





6. The art

You will find quirky museums, tons of modern art, jazz clubs, nightlife and of course amazing architecture in Prague.

Make sure to visit the John Lennon Memorial Wall, where sections are repainted daily by passersby.  Be surprised with David Černý’s truly cheeky works of art. From giant crawling babies on the sides of the TV Tower to the two statues of urinating men outside the Kafka museum, the artist is all about making a statement. In addition, you will find street art around every corner!



7. The food

Prague used to be under a communist regime, which meant that all of the restaurants had to serve a standardised menu with the same food, same portions and at the same price. Now however, restaurant owners are free to experiment as much as they’d like and the options are infinite!

You may already be familiar with some of Prague’s food, as many of the popular dishes in Prague have roots in Germany, Hungary, and Poland. We highly recommend a foodie tour such as The Taste of Prague to really get to know the modern Czech cuisine.



8. The people

Prague has a very open and friendly culture that you will feel at home instantly. People are genuinely happy to talk to you and to be helpful when you have questions.

Even though Czech is the official language, English is understood everywhere which makes eating, shopping and navigating the city very simple. Although people seem very happy when you can pronounce a word or two of Czech, so give it a go!

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