We all know by now that Paris is the city of love. Perfect for romantic getaways, fashionable shopping trips and gourmet food experiences. So what better way to enjoy the city than to have a picnic while admiring the scenery? Parisians know this and thus they love picnics in summer. As soon as the sun is out, they flock to parks and open spaces to unfold their blankets and enjoy fresh baguettes, French cheeses and grapes. Do you want to picnic like a true Parisian? Here are the best picnic spots in Paris.


Place des Vosges

If you are a fan of aristocratic architecture and famous museums, a picnic at the Place des Vosges is the perfect afternoon break for you. The park inside the place was the first planned park in Paris. Once you are all fuelled up with your delicious Parisian food, why not go for a stroll around the beautifully curated boutiques, specialty shops and modern art galleries in the Marais?



Parc de la Turlure

On top of the famous Montmartre hill and straight behind the even more famous Sacré Coeur basilica lies the Marcel Bleustein-Blanchet square, also called Parc de la Turlure. The park is small but give you an amazing view of the basilica without all of the tourist crowds.



Champ de Mars


We know that this is a no-brainer, but we just had to include this iconic picnic spot right at the foot of the Eiffel Tower. Back in the day, this used to be a community of small vegetable and fruit gardens, but now it is just a beautiful green space. Make sure to catch the sunset here for your best holiday photos yet.



Canal Saint-Martin

This charming riverside location is perfect for a frugal Paris picnic. The area is filled with artists, students and tourists alike enjoying the warm weather, wine and food. Join them and have yourself a relaxed afternoon with your friends.



Square du Vert Galant


This picnic location is located on a small island on the Seine and is a recognised ecological green space in Paris. Aside from the gorgeous flora around you, you will enjoy a beautiful view over the river and a relaxed atmosphere. Fill up on french delicacies and go for a stroll along the Île de la Cité.



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