There is no better surprise when wandering through a new city, than stumbling upon a stunning piece of street art. There is just something so impressive about the creativity and craftsmanship behind a 30-ft high mural on the back of an abandoned building. If you and your friends are into art and are planning on going on a group trip soon, why not go to one of the following arty cities?



Berlin, Germany


We have written about Berlin before, and for a good reason. The international city is full of artists, musicians and creative people. For this reason, it has become a holiday destination for street art lovers and artists from all over the world.

Berlin is the type of city you should be exploring by foot, as you will never be too far from fun activities and interesting spots. Start with Kreuzberg and admire Victor Ash’s Astronaut Cosmonaut, then wander to Oppelner Straße to see a mural by Os Gemeos. And don’t forget to head into the well hidden Rosenthaler Straße to find many more street art surprises. Most great street art will be found in East Berlin, as this is where most subcultures and politically-charged art happen.



Bristol, UK


Any street-art lover will know that Bristol is the hometown of the infamous Banksy, and many more street artists. Head to the mural-filled Stokes Croft first, where you will find some of Banksy’s art as well as many more masterpieces.

You can also take part in the M Shed museum’s street art walk and learn more about the artists that paint the city. In recent years, Bristol city council has been cracking down on illegal street art in order to keep the quality standard high and to reduce waste.



São Paulo, Brazil


As if you needed another reason to visit the sunny São Paulo, right? The graffiti and hip-hop culture are very strong throughout Latin America, but São Paulo has the most street art. It has even been threatened in the past due to controversies, but for now it is not going anywhere.

Go to Beco do Batman in Vila Madalena, which is a really just an outdoor gallery and really worth the visit. Here you can see all kinds of street art, from political illustrations, to beautifully surreal creations.


Melbourne, Australia



Melbourne is known as the hipster capital of Australia, with its thriving arts scene and its mix of underground cultures. The city is mostly famous for its stencil art, but there are many different styles to see here.

Go to Fitzroy if you are looking to spot cool artwork. The neighbourhood is filled with an unmistakably creative atmosphere, and you can get a guided street art tour through the neighbourhood by the artists themselves at Blender Studios. Spot unmissable artwork by Ghostpatrol and Kaff-eine north of Fitzroy Town Hall. Can you imagine a better way to discover the city?



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