As much as we would all love to travel around the world all the time, this is simply not an option for most of us. But even if you are short on time or money – or both – you can still travel.

Don’t be fooled by England’s size, this country has a lot to offer! From awe-inspiring cities to countryside retreats or beach adventures, you are sure to find a perfect weekend trip destination you’ll love.

Here are the best English locations to visit on your next group trip!





Bath is truly one of a kind. With its stunning architecture and rich history, this city should be on the top of your travel bucket list.

Visit the Roman baths (pictured above) and have a stroll through the city with your friends as you learn about its rich history. Why not visit the Thermae Bath Spa where you can get pampered using natural thermal spring water? It’s an amazing place to relax and unwind, especially when visiting it with your favourite people.

If you are looking to try something a little out of the ordinary, try joining the Bizarre Bath comedy walking tours and get to know the city’s history in a fun way.






We have previously written about Bristol and all its street art and for a good reason – it is the home of the infamous Banksy.

But this city has so much more to offer. There is always something to see and do, form historic landmarks, to the beautiful natural scenery to the numerous festivals and hipster venues.

Want to see something a bit different? Then go to Bristol during the International Balloon Fiesta or during the Harbour Fest. Be prepared for non-stop entertainment, great food and a relaxed atmosphere all around.






If you are looking for a staycation that feels more like a beach vacation, then definitely choose South Dorset as your next destination.
Enjoy the beautiful beaches and charming countryside as you relax with your friends.

Stroll along the Jurassic Coast and don’t forget to visit the famous Old Harry Rocks. These cliffs were formed 250 million years ago so it is a geology hotspot if you are into that kind of thing. Feeling adventurous? Then go on a kayaking tour around Durdle Door. The views sure will not disappoint!

If you are looking for something a bit different, go see the old ghost town of Tyneham, which was abandoned during WWII. Either way, you won’t run out of things to do in Dorset on your weekend trip.



Lake District



Lake district is a national park in the north of England perfect to visit if you are into hiking and outdoor adventures. Go to one of the many local pubs and enjoy a cosy home-cooked meal. As a bonus, it only takes less than 3 hours to reach Lake District from London by train so you will have plenty of time to discover the area.

Looking for an unusual activity? Try taking the old steam train from Ravensglass into the centre of the national park and enjoy the views.






Good old London might be nothing new to you, but there is always something you haven’t done or seen yet. See the city by river bus if you haven’t yet and become a tourist in your own city. Do all the touristy things in central London and be a hipster in Shoreditch. Discover all of the new small businesses popping up everywhere and go to the local food markets. Catch a concert at one of the many amazing venues London has to offer. You never know what you might discover!



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