Melbourne’s inhabitants may be a little bit biased when they say that they live in Australia’s greatest city, but there is definitely some truth in that statement. This Australian city on the south coast is filled to the brim with things to do and places to see. One thing is for sure – you will never run out of art to admire or quirky spots to visit.

Here are the best things to do in Melbourne, Australia.



Discover the street art


If you are a fan of street art, you will love Melbourne! Many of the city’s buildings are adorned with beautiful murals and quirky art. There are many guides on where to find them, but we think that the best way to go about seeing them is to stumble upon them while walking around the city.



Ride on the historical Tram 35

This historic tram takes you past most of the city’s major highlights, while you can listen to information about them as you ride by. Hop on and off and be a true Melbourne tourist.



Take a stroll around the Royal Botanical Gardens


Take a break from the busy city life by stepping into the green oasis that is the Royal Botanical Gardens. Built in 1846, the park features over 8500 different species of plants. The park is free to visit, so grab a picnic and a friend and take some time to relax.



Enjoy the world class cafés

If you are looking for the best coffee in Australia, Melbourne is the place to be. The city is filled to the brim with cute and interesting coffee places, including Omar, Seven Seeds and LB2 (pictured above).



Shop to your heart’s content at Queen Victoria Market

The Queen Victoria Market is the largest open-air market in the Southern Hemisphere, so you’ll easily spend a few hours there, browsing, eating and walking around. People at the market sell food, jewellery, home decorations and homemade goods. On Wednesday evenings the market is open at night and filled with food stalls, so you can taste food from all over the world while admiring the 19th century architecture.



Don’t forget about Fitzroy

Fitzroy is Melbourne’s hipster area, so naturally it is filled with fun, new restaurants, bars, cafés and small unique shops. Why not spend an afternoon exploring, eating and shopping?



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