Whether your vibe is a traditional stag or hen, or you’re up for combing the two, we have some great European city destinations ideas to help you celebrate your pre-nuptials. It’s all about fun, friends and a fancy drink or three, and we have some great ideas that won’t break the budget!



Whether you are looking to spend the night on the df with your best girlfriends, a relaxing spa break or going in for the full royal treatment in your luxury hotel (our top pick would be The Savoy, so pretty) the great metropolis of London has you covered! Start your weekend the British way with a civilised Afternoon Tea (you can always swap the tea for a refreshing Pimms!); we recommend doubling your tea with a tour on the iconic red double-decker bus (visit London B-Bakery for tour info). And don’t forget to send your regards to the Queen at Buckingham Palace before things get too wild – probably the polite thing to do!



The birthplace of scotch whiskey and bare-naked bums under kilts, it’s easy enough to see why Edinburgh is one of the UK’s top locations for a stag do. The Scottish capital is easily accessible, with plenty to do. If you’re looking for some quirky activities, Edinburgh doesn’t fall short with the likes of Bubble football (yup, it’s exactly what it sounds like, you play while in a giant bubble!), dirt ‘rage-buggy’ driving and football darts to help burn some excess energy. For a more refined day, you could always go on a whiskey tour (it may not end so refined, I’m afraid!) where you can even opt to blend your very own whiskey! And if all scheduling fails you have the city’s famous pub scene to lean back on. Win!



The Dutch capital city is possibly the most widely renowned hot spot for stag and hen dos – and judging by the plethora of Amsterdam cameos featured in films, it’s not hard to see the appeal! With more cyclists in the city than cars on the road feel confident, hitting your bike to the asphalt and take a historic tour straight from your wheels. If inside is more your vibe you can take a cheeky peek at the infamous Sex Museum. There is of fun to be had, even aside from all the notorious debauchery that we see on films!



This one is a classic for both the hen’s and stag dos (and we firmly believe in the mixed gendered do’s too, the ‘hags’ – not quite sure if that works!) the capital of the Czech Republic ticks all three categories; it’s full of vibrant culture and history, its easy on the pockets, and its world famous for its beer! If the hoppy goodness is what brings you here then Prague won’t disappoint, boasting a beer museum, a beer spa and its very own beer hotel, that’s basically your long weekend sorted!

There is plenty to see, and Prague is one of the most architecturally beautiful cities in Central Europe. At night it shines – literally!



Budapest, in comparison to many other European cities, offers excellent value on your weekend away. Boasting a great party atmosphere Budapest is home to a number of infamous ‘ruin pubs’ which are bringing a grunge drinking culture to desolate buildings around the city. And the hipsters of the night will be pleased to hear you can rest your weary body at with geothermal spas (some of the best in Europe) which some, kind of ironically, can be transformed into a disco tech so you can both heal and hen’s simultaneous. Thanks, Budapest!



One of the largest and oldest cities in Poland, Krakow looks like a fairytale village from a Disney production. But don’t let its innocent appearance and romantic horse-drawn carriage rides deceive you, Krakow is ready to party! And why wouldn’t it be, Poland is home to some of the finest Vodka in the world, so why not take a vodka tour and refine your palette? If you happen to be visiting between March and September, and as if the pending wedding wasn’t enough of an adrenaline kick, get your thrills by taking Poland’s highest bungee jump. We will watch from the top!



Great music, plenty of pubs and great Irish banter is what sees Dublin at the forefront of so many top ten stag and hen bucket lists. The city is full of Irish charisma, and if you don’t end the night in a River Dance, you might be doing something wrong!

For those who fancy combining a bit of history with their beverages, take a bus or car ride west to Athlone’s and experience Europe’s oldest pub, humbly called Sean’s Bar, which dates back from 900AD – wowsers! Hope they’ve cleaned the keg pipes!

Perfume making in Paris


We all know that Paris is the city of love, but we are pretty sure the love intoxication is due to all the beautiful French perfume. So why not lure your husband or wife to be with the chance of creating your own fragrance? They even host workshops at the oldest perfume house in France, The Parfumerie Galimard, so you’ll be sure to create a winner with the guiding hand of a pro!

Cruise The Croatian Coast


This will definitely inject a bit of style to your dos – throw on your trunks and sunscreen and get a skippered yacht to cruise the Croatian coastline. Sip your cocktails on deck by day and by night anchor at the closest beach club or bars. Unfortunately, this one isn’t for those on a tight budget, but such is the high life, darling. You can get a flight, skippered yacht and accommodation packages for around £500 a head at seamaster.co.uk – Not bad for your last bachelor/bachelorette party!

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