Out of all the places in Australia, outback Queensland definitely wins when it comes to quirky – and strange – traditions. From pumpkin pageants to opera entertainment in the most unexpected location, they’ve really got it all.

As if you needed a reason to visit other than an array of strange festivities, its beautiful nature, friendly people and great climate should definitely win you over.

Here are the top weird and wonderful reasons why you should visit outback Queensland ASAP.


Goomeri Pumpkin Festival

The Goomeri Pumpkin Festival is held in Goomeri every year in May. As its name suggests, this festival is all about  – you guessed it – pumpkins!  Not only can you eat them in tasty local dishes, but you will discover a whole new world of things you can do with pumpkins.

Take part in the Great Australian Pumpkin Roll™, decorate your own pumpkin or get judging at the pumpkin pageant. There are many more pumpkin-related activities to partake in, so if you are a fan of this seasonal vegetable, this is definitely a good place to visit.

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Birdsville Big Red Bash

Once a year in July, the Big Red Bash is organised in Birdsville, Queensland. It takes place in the Simpson Desert since 2013 and is dubbed the world’s most remote music festival. Enjoy the music while you stare into the clearest sky you have ever seen. You can even go on a helicopter ride during the day for a Birdseye view of the desert. If you want a truly unique music experience, this is the place to visit!



Chinchilla Melon Festival

Chinchilla is the ‘melon capital’ of Australia, and therefore hosts the Chinchilla Melon Festival in February. The festival aims to celebrate – and enjoy – the delicious fruit the region’s farms have to offer. The largest melon ever recorded was from Chinchilla at 87.5kg in 2007!

But don’t think for a second that all you can do there is eat the melons. There are many fun activities you can partake in, such as the Melon Rodeo, the Melon Weigh-in as well as the Melon Dash for Cash and Skiing. Participate and win thousands of dollars! But beware, it will get messy as contestants use fruit to try to ski as far as they can.

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Opera in the Outback

We saved the best for last. The Opera in the Outback event is truly one of a kind. It is a three-night experience that takes place in the Ooramin Place Amphitheatre as the sun sets and the sky looks like a surrealist painting full of colour. The second part takes place under the stars.

The event begins with a non-opera performance on a Thursday in September and is followed by two nights of opera performances.

If you are looking for an experience that you and your travel buddy will remember forever, this is it.

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