Out of all of the new years resolutions you may have for 2019, travelling should be at the top of the list. However, with so many places to see, it is difficult to know which country to visit first.

Whether you are an urban explorer or love the countryside, these cities and their surroundings have something for everyone.

From sunny Seville to culture rich Tokyo, you are sure to have an amazing time on your next group trip.

Here are the top 5 cities to visit in 2019.

Valetta, Malta

It is not often that an entire city is recognised by UNESCO for its history and cultural value since 1980.

Although it is one of Europe’s smallest cities, its charming baroque character and sunny climate makes it feel like an open air museum.

Go in the late summer for the best weather and the smallest crowds.

Seville, Spain

Barcelona is often mentioned when speaking about the greatest cities in Spain, but Seville offers just as much – if not more – beauty and attractions.

Like many popular European cities, Seville is old and rich in history; and although there are many historical attractions to visit, that is by no means the only thing there is to do here.

The city is young and vibrant and has a great nightlife scene as well as many restaurants with numerous delicious tapas dishes to try.

Visit the Cathedral, the Metropol Parasol and Real Alcazar – where a part of Game of Thrones was filmed – as well as El Rinconcillo for a well-rounded experience.

Tokyo, Japan

You can never not be fascinated by Tokyo. In this city you’ll find a strong cultural identity, bucket-list worthy attractions, lovely people and quirky fashion styles.

Tokyo is futuristic yet traditional, fun yet conservative. You can taste your way through the city’s traditional Japanese food menu or you can have dinner while watching a giant robot fight unfold in front of you. Your choice.

This city should definitely be on your bucket list, and should not be missed in 2019.

Dakar, Senegal

Dakar is the westernmost city of Africa, and should not be excluded from your travel bucket list.

Senegal’s capital is a vibrant and modern city, filled with cultural landmarks, sunny weather, delicious food and incredibly friendly people.

It is also a secret surfers’ paradise, so don’t miss out on this destination if you’re into water sports!

San Diego, California, USA

San Diego is one of California’s most visited places, and for a good reason! The seaside city features a relaxed atmosphere, amazing weather and great beaches.

Visit Balboa park for a culture-filled day or hike along the Torrey Pines State Reserve if you’re into outdoor sports. Either way, San Diego is a destination for the whole family!

Which one of these cities are you visiting this year? Let us know in the Facebook comments!

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