Festival season is going to be here soon, so this is a great time to daydream about all the fantastic weekends you’ll be having in a few weeks and to start organising your trips.

With new festivals popping up everywhere, it’s almost always festival season somewhere. Not only that, but existing music festivals are getting bigger, better and more fun!
There’s no better way to plunge headfirst into the festival season than to have everything prepared so that you can focus on having fun and discovering new artists and create memories that will last forever.

This is why we have put together a list of items that you definitely need to have in your arsenal on your next adventure.
Without further ado, here are your festival season must-haves.



You don’t want to be leaving your tent unlocked if you are camping. Not only should you be locking your tent, but you can also secure your belongings in suitcases or even the zipper on your backpack. This cheap solution will give you peace of mind as you will be free to enjoy the festival without worrying about your personal belongings.

A Bum Bag

Hear us out. Your mind may wander to a 90s style icon when you think of bum bags/fanny packs, but they are a true life saver when you want to keep your belongings safe while keeping your hands free. You can even get bum bags that you can hide under clothing, such as runner waist belts, and no one will even know.

A Good Backpack

Not all backpacks are created equal. You want to find one that is made from a sturdy material that has comfortable straps. Another thing to watch out for is having zippers on all the pockets to prevent your belongings from falling out. Look for hidden zippered pockets for added security.



Make sure to have a phone on hand so that you can find your friends when you inevitably lose them in a crowd, and so that you can capture as many pictures as you want during the event.
Do not keep your phone in your pocket, and especially not in your back pocket, as it is at risk for pick-pocketing and falling out.


Raise your hand if a portable charger has saved your life before!
Bring as many as you can, and make sure to charge them beforehand. This way you can keep all your devices useable, even while camping – and access to electric sockets is limited.


A Mini First Aid Kit

Anything can happen while you’re having fun. This is why it’s good to put together a DIY first aid kit. Include things like bandages, antiseptic spray, headache and stomach bug medication, throat lozenges, as well as plasters. If you want to be extra prepared, pack some safety pins and other small helpers for wardrobe malfunctions and small accidents that may occur.


Bring a refillable water bottle with you to stay hydrated and to help the environment. Two birds, one stone, BOOM.

Ear Protection

Bring ear protection with you to any music festival. Protecting your hearing is very important, especially during long festival weekends where you’ll be listening to loud music several times per day. Invest in a good pair of ear plugs with a string and wear them around your neck for easy access.


You never know what you’re going to get food-wise at a music festival, especially if you have dietary restrictions, intolerances or allergies. Pack a good amount of sweet and savoury snacks to keep with you if you can’t find anything that suits your needs on location.


Once you have the essentials down, finding the right festival for you should be a piece of cake. Check out this article for the best European Festivals to visit this year if you need more help.

Most importantly, enjoy yourself, let go and have fun with your mates.

Which festivals will you be visiting this year? Let us know in the facebook comments.
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