There’s a lot of planning when it comes to stag dos. Between travel, the number of people going, the activities and props, it is difficult to know where to begin.

Once all of your planning has been taken care of, however, it is time to travel and have fun! We have compiled a list with all of your stag do travel essentials so that you can check these off your list and relax. Send this article to your guests and help them get off to a stress-free start to your stag do weekend!



The Essentials


Before we dig into the fun stuff, it is important to focus on the essentials. It is not fun to arrive at the airport and realise that you have forgotten something really important when all you really wanted was a fun weekend. To avoid any stress at the check-in register, make sure to pack these into your suitcase.


Travel documents

This sounds like a no-brainer, but sometimes when you’re in a rush they are the first thing to be forgotten.

Make sure you have packed:

  • Your passport;
  • Your boarding pass;
  • Your visa if you need one;
  • Your travel insurance policy documents.

Make sure to have every document printed out and not just on your phone – you never know when technology can fail you.


Foreign Currency

If you are heading out of the country, make sure you take enough foreign money to keep you going for a few days. Depending on the country, it is safer to carry cash in a safe pocket than to use your bank card everywhere. Also make sure to check with your bank what your spending limits abroad are. And remember, every time you use your bank card you will be charged so be careful.


Plug Adaptors

You don’t want to miss out on recording and photographing all of the stag do fun, do you? Make sure to take enough plug adaptors for your phone, camera or any other electronics you might need to take.



A Survival Kit


You KNOW you will be hungover at some point on this trip. What would a proper stag do be without one, anyway?

Make sure to pack everything you need to cover hangovers, clothing emergencies or sore feet.

Comfortable Clothing

You can take your partying outfits with you with all of your funny accessories or even a suit if you want to look sharp, but make sure to pack enough comfortable and weather appropriate clothes as well. Pack enough loose t-shirts, shorts and flip-flops for those lazy days on the beach after a night out. You’ll be grateful for them on the plane, too.


Bathroom cabinet staples

Trust us, you will be thankful for that Aspirine at some point on your holiday. You can even take some eye drops for tired eyes, antiseptic cream for any small wounds or cuts, hand sanitiser and plasters.


Sun Protection

If you are going to a sunny location, you should always bring sun protection and do not underestimate those harmful rays. Take a hat and a t-shirt to cover when you feel like you’ve had enough sun as well as sunblock and after sun lotion. Bonus tip: aloe vera gel that has been in the fridge will feel like a life-saver when you’re sunburnt!



Make sure to bring some snacks to keep with you whenever there is no food available. There is nothing worse than being on a long plane trip with a rumbling stomach, so be prepared. Granola bars and fruit are always a great healthy and portable choice!



The Fun stuff


Now that you have all of your essentials covered, let’s focus on the fun bits! You can’t have a stag do without at least some fun props.


Props, decorations and accessories

Everyone will be grateful for a good laugh with these! Make sure to pack any decorations and joke props safely so that they don’t get damaged by the time you arrive. We’d recommend that you pack it all in your main suitcase rather than your hand luggage, as this may ruin the surprise for the group and also to avoid any embarrassing items being spotted in the baggage scanner.


Fancy dress

Once you have a theme for your stag do weekend, remind everyone in the group to pack their respective outfits! It may be difficult to find fancy dress outfits within your destination country depending on where you’re going, so be safe and bring everything from home.



Now that your baggage is packed to the brim with all of your essentials, a solid survival kit and – of course – the fun stuff, you can focus on relaxing and having fun with your best mates! Now go have a weekend that you will remember forever!

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